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Still Underconstruction
Still Underconstruction

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The Roots Of Madinah Is Over

Just wanted to say, that We Are very grateful to you for a wonderful day for almost 4 years since We founded the band. now or next time, We Probably Will not Back When We were the resource persons together in a gig's. Know that We Will always miss the time it is happening again, but if indeed you will never see us perform at the gig's everywhere. That always remember Islam is more Important than anything.

for us, to take this decision is very hard. but ... the best decision to disband the stub to prove how punk era of the struggle of the Puritan community that when we pioneered the berandalan puritan until One Finger Underground Movement, we have learned a lot about consistency, friendship until a bullshit name labeled dakwah.

We refuse to say that we are the warriors of Islam, when in fact distorting the music we just make more people love our music rather than Islam itself. That's why disband is the best proof of the way our final decision

We refuse to say that we are anti anti-paganism or Satanism, but when we played in an event, we asked our fans to do a circle pit moshing which is a symbol of the pagan ritual itself. that's why the band chose disperse more important than being part of that foolishness

We want our fans more love mosque, not just be an asset sale and purchase market corporate music concert tickets that we ought opponents together. That's why disband is the choice that we can not compromise rather than exist as a loser labeled dakwah

Once we've agreed to never perform at the event sponsored cigarettes, this commitment has since collapsed with justification, then we see some bands that had been in line with our prefer to be a comedian in concert concerts sponsored cigarette, then we would rather disband than known as a militant who surrendered

community prior to promised fool Islamic struggle, and then after that, they let them give an advantage to consumptive activities that concert ticket prices can reach 10 times the price of their breakfast, after which they presented a routine recitation (Pengajian Rutin) of the Frente, mr big, Iron Maiden and so on .. No, not that the cause which we mean. That's why disband the final proof, we reject a row with this twit

We refuse to fight with the rockstar, who arbitrarily depriving togetherness personal struggle for individual existence. When we had to queue up orderly in an activity together. Our instantaneous band - this tiny band must be castrated time for two songs only, we were supposed to receive rations at the same 4 songs, while those who said one row with us around hogging up to sing - songs in their stage performances. Then they call it ukhuwah Islamiyah after they go around barging arrangement schedule as good as their wants. We reject a row with this hypocrisy, that's why we chose to disband

We never promised commitment, which frenetic crowd at the actualization of this is found not to value quality as well. When any existence that is only playing for their interests - each. So we said goodbye to disperse themselves far better than to join with the mental existence of sycophants

Once we've propose professionalism, but they said we were too rigid. They said we opportunist, now they use the community as a market and an escape from their existence is increasingly not judge. While they are camouflaged, we prefer to disperse to prove who we are not with words and lip service

And now, we bequeath our community Ghurabba (militants Tawheed) for you. One time, when we set up this community, they said we were crazy popularity, because we are considered to be a great artist by exploiting the existence of this community. That's why disband the band became the right choice to prove who actually insane popularity?

We have a lot of reason that we can't wrote it all in here, the reason why disband this band is the best choice!

Friend ...

We Will hopefully meet again in a different dimension, When We realized the page may have to stop here, and the book Should Be closed IMMEDIATELY. We Are once again very grateful for your support over the years.

Thank For You All Ghurabba (Militant Tawheed), We have shared many wonderful Things, We Will always remember you in our life's journey. thank you deep inside for you guys ...

best regard
The Roots Of Madinah
(Thufail, Udenk, Arif, Bobby, Ivan)
24 Mei 2008 - 17 November 2011


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